How does Leda 41 work?

Our team will visit you for personal and tailor-made advice. During a first visit, we’ll take measurements and take the time to outline the project in detail. Feel free to share your ideas with us beforehand, in which case we’ll bring along some sample fabrics.

Based on this project outline, we’ll offer a customized proposal and a price quotation. In case of second thoughts, you’re always welcome to visit our showroom and go through further details—we’re happy to help you on your way to a decision.

If you agree with the price quotation, we’ll ask you for an advance. After receiving the advance payment we’ll place the order.


To how much do price quotations amount?

Our price quotations are, just like our textiles, tailor-made for each project. Leda 41 strives for excellence in quality and selects high-quality materials; these choices for excellence come with equivalent pricing, although we do try to work out proposals that take into account your personal budget.

We invite you to visit our showroom in case you would like to get a sense of the price range of your project. Based on pictures and measurements of your windows or furniture, we can give you a truthful approximation of the price.


What is the term for delivery?

In case you only order textile or wallpaper that are in stock, the term for delivery will likely be one or two weeks. For confection articles and roller and pull-up systems, the usual term for delivery is six to eight weeks. Carpets can take longer, depending on how their manufactured.


Can I borrow samples?

Yes, they can be borrowed for several days. In this way, you can try out the fabric in different incidences of light, in the space where it would be used.


Can I order samples?

Yes, we can order samples on request.


Where can Leda 41 visit?

Our team can visit in the whole of Belgium. We are also often found at the Belgian coast. We try to bundle our visits as efficiently as possible.


My textile is broken. Can it be repaired?

The possibilities for repair vary according to each situation. If you purchased your textile at Leda 41, you can always contact us for a tailor-made solution. With the help of a clear picture, we can already give you a sense of what is possible.


How do I properly maintain textiles?

For the maintenance of textiles, we work with our close partners. The proper treatment for your product depends on the specific type of fabric. Feel free to contact us for more details.


Do you work on appointment?

Yes, our showroom is open from Monday to Saturday. To avoid busyness, we recommend you schedule an appointment beforehand. In this way, we can assure free time for you and we can prepare your visit.


Do you offer textiles that are heat resistant and soundproof?

Yes, we offer an extended catalogue of technical fabrics and special linings for all kinds of purposes such as soundproofing and heat rejection. Feel free to visit our showroom to discover what’s possible.

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