Window coverings

Highly valuable curtains, roller-, folding-, raising- and sliding systems, and blinds in all kinds of modules, fabrics and trends—from light and breezy to stately and refined. Retouching and custom placement are possible.

Floor coverings

Temporary and permanent floor coverings, in the form of loose or fixed carpets and stair runners, coming in a diverse array of styles and applications. Custom placement is possible.

Wall coverings

Wallpaper and wall covering that customize the acoustic and aesthetic experience of any given space, by means of diverse materials and textures. Custom placement is possible.


Next to the possibility of (re)upholstering furniture, Leda 41 offers a selection of timeless and contemporary articles of furniture of English and Italian origin and upholstered with unique materials fitted for each individual article.

All fabric solutions

With the nature of the fabric as guiding principle, Leda 41 offers a rich variety of premium textiles for a multitude of residential and professional applications. Customized (re)upholstery is possible. Each project starts from a need that is approached in a solution-oriented fashion, and according to each need Leda 41 offers customized styling and coloring advice.

Interior and colour advice

With the help of our in-house interior decorator, we can exceed the boundaries of our main activities, so that we can give shape to a fully conceptualized interior that satisfies all the needs of a specific project.

Finished products and objects

A curated offering of accessories and cushions, that bear the hallmark of Leda 41’s distinctive universe of textiles.

Rails and accessories

Elegant and functional curtain rods, curtain rails and accessories that guarantee a silent and smooth use of curtains and blinds. Bespoke advice and placement are possible.

Repair and maintenance

An interior of excellent quality will last a long time, and for that reason Leda 41 gives preference to durable solutions and offers expertise for the repair and maintenance of installations, furniture and textile in their own atelier.